Rediscovered Kray’s Images

Accompanying the new movie ‘Legend’ staring Tom Hardy, we introduce our newly released Kray’s contact sheet print of Reggie sparring with his grandfather the legendary bare knuckle fighter Jimmy ‘Cannonball’ Lee shot in in Vallance Road, Bethnal Green, London 1967.  Additionally we offer an affordable uneditioned new image mounted in 12″x12″ matte. Click here for prints and special offers.

Other images of the Kray’s family have also been found and can be seen at the;

‘Legend of the East End’ Exhibit, 135 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG from August 28th to September 11th 2015.

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  • Contact sheet of Reggie Kray sparring with his grandfather
  • Reggie Kray sparring with his grandfather

The day we photographed the Kray’s by David Dyer (Duffy’s assistant)

Frances Wyndham of the Sunday Times commissioned Duffy to photograph the Kray’s in 1967 

When the day arrived, we were told we would be met outside Mile End Station. We got there on time but as there was nobody to meet us, Duffy said he would go and buy some fags and a paper. No sooner had he gone leaving me alone in the car, when a large black saloon car pulled in front and backed up to my bumper; then another large saloon pulled in behind me. An immaculately dressed bloke got out and came to my window, “you Duffy?” he said.  “Not me” I said, “he’s just gone to get some fags!”. “OK, when he gets back,  follow the car in front”,  which we did.

After a short journey in convoy, we arrived at a block of flats near Old Street (which I later found out was in Vallance Road, Bethnal Green);  I was trying not to take too much notice of the location!  We got out of the car and were escorted into the flats and up stairs to the apartment.  When the door was opened, we were led inside to the sitting room. Several shady looking characters immediately hid their faces and left the room, which was rather worrying.  We were then introduced to Reggie, who said we were to go with him to see his grandparents.

We were then taken to a terraced house in the East End where we met the Kray brothers grandparents. We were offered a cup of tea and the grandparents were joking with Reggie. “Do you remember the time when the police were watching the house and your grandmother used to go out with a tray of tea and biscuits for them?”    They were also joking about when “a tally man kept calling at the house and Granddad stopped that by slamming the man’s leg in the door”.

We went on to take the pictures of Reggie sparring with his Granddad, the infamous bare-knuckle fighter Jimmy ‘Cannonball’ Lee.

We eventually arrived home safely but slightly worried about knowing the location of the Kray’s operations.

chrisduffyRediscovered Kray’s Images