Duffy Monograph

Duffy Photographer Monograph

Duffy – Photographer

ACC Editions                            ISBN: 9781851496570

Duffy’s first monograph was released in June 2011 to critical acclaim and the Duffy Archive offers a Limited Edition Collectors book (Hors De Commerce) for sale exclusively from this website.

This edition comes in a beautiful hardback cloth slipcase and includes a 19.5×19.5cm Fufji Baryte archival pigment ink numbered colour print of an outtake from the David Bowie “Aladdin Sane” session called “Eyes Open” plus a bonus 19.5×19.5cm print of the classic Aladdin Sane album cover head shot, unavailable in other editions.

The book is limited to 125 copies and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by both Chris Duffy and June Duffy, Duffy’s widow.

Foreword by Phillipe Garner, Christies, London.


Publishers, ACC Editions

What the press have said about this book…

“A wonderful selection of his shots, recovered from vaults and studios across the globe” – Metro

“This sumptuous collection of mostly black & white images offers a wonderful selection of Duffy’s ouerve” – Black & White Photography

“This collection of his memorable black and white photographs charts the capital at its coolest” – The London Magazine

Amazon Reviews

‘This book is truly amazing, FANTASTIC photographs by the late Brian Duffy compiled and written by his son Chris and Emma Baxter-Wright. I had watched his documentary just over a year ago (The man who shot the 60’s) and was impressed by his work. This book shows a wide range of his photographs, all beautifully printed and was a well received gift’.


‘My advice is always for only to look at photos taken by the very best. Brian Duffy is the absolute finest. Buy the book’.


Brian Duffy, for me had it all, a talent well ahead of his time, able to see concepts in photography others had never even thought of,all covered in the book in fantastic detail. There was no Photoshop back in those days,capturing images was hard graft. Duffy did it all, as a top London photographer, he captured swinging 60`s London at its best, the fashion, the look, the stars. And then one day at the height of his career, he stopped, if you want to find out why, and then buy the book.


Quite simply this is one of the nicest book of photographs I have, it may be the best. Duffy was so brilliant – he had the talent to make the difficult look easy – but then his commercial photography was on another level again and often left me amazed at how he achieved what he did! And this was all pre-digital too which just adds to the brilliance of what you see. It really is a master class in great photography and a book you will take off the shelf again and again.


This book is the first book printed on the work of Brian Duffy, and as such it has great importance. His photographs reflect the 1960’s with an artist eye, on the fashion and personalities of the period. The advertising images are great fun. A great book for reference of the 1960’s.

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